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Microsoft Access Programming

If you haven't considered MS Access to solve many of your data needs, think again...

Access is capable of handling vast amount of data is a safe and efficient way.  
Access can be used to collect and synchronize myriad data sources.  
Access can present a user-friendly, menu-driven environment to make it easy to update and query your data.  
The Access Data Engine is a powerful tool that's probably sitting on you desk right now!  

Data Sharing

If you are using Excel spreadsheets to store your customer, financial, and/or inventory data, you know how frustrating it is to get an accurate picture of what's going on in your organization.  
Access can bring together information from all over your organization to create one source of truth.  
Data Solutions by Design can design and implement a multi-user system with data level security that can give any member of your organization a view of their information.  

Data Solutions by Design can create a global view of your organization to empower better business decisions.


The Internet

Did you know that Access data can be shared over the Internet?  
MS Access is a fully ODBC compliant database and supports web sites designed with most of today's technologies.  
If you want a dynamic presence on the web, where customers and staff can logon and interact with their information, Data Solutions by Design can put you there for a lot less than you think.  

All of the Above!

All the features mentioned above can be achieved by the same system!  
MS Access data can be viewed and updated from a Window's desktop, an Excel spreadsheet, a web page, and any of the large database systems (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, AS/400 DB, Essbase, Sybase, and many, many others!)  
Many organizations have large systems in place to drive certain portions of the business (SAP, Oracle/PeopleSoft, etc.), but individual departments do not get full benefit from these system due to the expensive customization required.  
Access has been used in countless organizations to extend the functionality of these large systems at a fraction of the cost.  
Contact Data Solutions by Design today for a free consultation.  

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