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Excel Spreadsheet Automation

Too Many Unconnected Spreadsheets?

Spreadsheet are great for developing quick, independent sets of information, calculations, and business processes.  
The problem with spreadsheets is that these sets of information are not easily shared across the organization.  
As your organization grows, these spreadsheet become more numerous and more integral in your overall business process.  
It comes to a point where a great percentage of your mission critical data is spread out across countless spreadsheet in many different formats.  

Bring Them Together

You may think that linking these spreadsheets together is a good solution. What you will find is that this doesn't alleviate the real issue - the data stored is not consistent, clean, or, at times, complete.  
The right solution is to bring the data together first and then link the spreadsheets to the centralized data.  
You can maintain the independence of the individual spreadsheets allow specialized, ad hoc calculations, but keep the integrity of the core data.  


MS Access stores the core data.  
MS Excel and Excel forms display and manipulate the data.  
MS Excel saves the core data in MS Access.  

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